Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love Is The Way

Here I stand all alone int the world.
Who can hear me? Can't they see?
or does my past present a problem that I can't see
I do my best and act like the rest
but that just brings me nothing but pain...

What do I have? Where can I gain?
the day to day living gives me nothing but drain...

I love life and the persuit of happiness
but what does that mean if my life is full of stress...

Can I be tamed? Can I be won?
Can I be who I am and get the job done?...

Love is the answer, love is the way
Love is the one thing that will not stray...

God is the answer, God is the way
He sent his son so that we could stay...

So don't bicker and complain when things don't go your way

and just remember Jesus and the price He was willing to pay

My Wish

I just wish I had a baby of my own to hold when he can't sleep, to dive in when he's to weak, to love when I thought I was at love's peak, to nurture until he's of age, to wrestle when and to turn the page, to show him the way when the way is dark, to show him how to hit someone out of the football park, to laugh and love is my wishes above, and then finally with him my life will then be complete...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So What Do You Know...

OK so I'm not a writer
OK so I'm not a fighter
OK so I'm not a smart man
But what I do know is...

That my family loves me

That work is hard
Love is a verb
That seeking Him first will do the trick
To stay away from Lucifer's pick
Love your father and mother
And respect your elders...

Life gets hard and to the weary

There is no rest and that...

Jesus died for us

To save us
To make us his own
His love is everlasting
And He's sitting on his throne...

So give praise to the one, the maker of us all

No matter the gender
No matter how tall
No matter how big you are
Or how much you think you know Him
He knows you ALL...

So give praise to the one, who made you in His image

Cuz you know...
your not made out of spinach

For all the things you may know

or are still learning...
Give your all for the one
For the one who is still living...

So what do you know...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Miss My Family

The night is calm, the night is just right
When walking in the moonlight comes
And the cricket hums
That's where I come out

Sleeping in the day, sleeping in the night
Sleeping when the rain comes down a fright
That's where I come in

Food on the table, food on the grill
Eating all I can, till my can hits the can
That's where I come to your house

Family in Indiana, Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Ohio
Family in Tennessee where I know I'm loved
That's where I wish I was today

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Brother

He's the man to whom any brother would look up to

Takes care of the bully's whenever you need him

Lets you hang out with him even if his friends say I'm cu-cu

Long talks of gaseous walks and belching contest till 3

The one who was there when I was torn

The one who will sing you to sleep and count your sheep all the way to morn

And he's the one who explains to mom all that we've done and why our clothes are torn

We're older now and more farther apart than we've ever knew

So lets raise a toast to the brother I admire the most
With sun-drop in hand

Joey, you are that man that any brother would look up to... and I'm glad you don't have any other brothers

My Mother

To my mother dear I love you far and near, though I wish you were more near than far. She is the giver of life, when she went through all that pain and strife. I told her I would be with her for all my life, but she knew in her heart I would find a wife. And if you need it I would rush home every time. So here's to you mom cuz without you there would be no me...

I love and miss you mom

My Father

My father may getting older in years, but in his heart he gets younger and younger. And although we don't see each other often facebook we be rockin. I try to keep the family trait with our bald heads, but i'm sorry dad mine still has treads. So here's to you oh father of fathers, captain oh captain, maker of my flesh... I love you evermore and evermore my love be refreshed...

I miss you